Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

Internal Link, One Type of Link Building

In the process of SEO, link building has an important role for improving ranking in the SERP. If during the primary focus is on planting outside link, then it is less precise. There are two kinds of links that need to be known, namely internal links and external links. The last type is often done by many people. This is the form of a link to a web page that is located in other websites and vise versa. Although both have equally important role in the build a link, but it would be nice if you set the blog in a more orderly advance.

Internal links are one way to help visitors explore the pages of your website. Not only that, the existence of internal links also lets them find other information that still has nothing to do. Thus, visitors will be longer on your site. This is very advantageous position you as the length of a silent visitor and crawl in a Google site will be counted as one of the factors get organic traffic. Not easy to get organic traffic to the number of conditions imposed. Learning a link building is not simple, right?

The existence of internal links on the web can be used to add strength to get the best position. For example, there is 200 other web links to your homepage, the homepage that will divide the power of links to other pages link on your website. If there are at least 30 links, each link gets 1/30 strength web homepage link. When the number of links to other pages on the homepage is getting smaller, the power of the homepage for the split will be even greater. Unfortunately, the process of link building in the internal link is forgotten by the webmaster for wasting enough time.

With internal links, you give experience to the visitors or users of your site. Web and your blog will increase for its usage. For example, a visitor has found the necessary information on your site. The absence of internal links will be made to close the site or click the back button. By contrast, if you link to a link in the article. Perhaps readers feel attracted by the presence of these links. This link will direct the reader to another post which would have remained in touch. When they start liking your article, could have at other times they come back to visit your blog. This is the power of a good link building.

The existence of internal links can also be used to improve the visibility of the content on your website. As a diligent webmaster or who diligently, you will definitely update the contents of at least for each 5 days. It is very possible your old content marginalized and hard to find in search engines. Well, to display it, you can use the internal links that will link to your old content. When you master link building like this, your site will always crowded with many people,

The last benefit of an internal link is an increase in the SEO of your own site. Making good internal links are also included to help search engine spiders to surf the web or blog quickly. You should post more content by adding an internal link in it. If you want to successfully improve SEO, do link building appropriately.