Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

Four Tips to Make Google Accept Your Google Adsense

For those of you who are involved in blog or website, Google adsense or GA is not too stranger. GA is one of the program pay per click (PPC) Google Inc. favored by many publishers around the world, including Indonesia. The main purpose of the GA is the monetization of a site (can be a blog or a website) by directing visitors to click on ads that appear. Unfortunately, not everyone managed to register a website to GA. Google parties will usually examine more deeply the registered sites. GA just want a blog or web quality and in accordance with the rules of Google.

This condition is not found in the past, where registering a site to Google adsense is quite easy. So if you register your blog with content of the topic and the lack of quality, Google will not accept your submission GA. Moreover, if the site you register a free website. Below are some tips that you can run that filing GA accepted.

How old is your site

Google will analyze age-party website that you submitted to Google adsense. If you are new to create a blog or website with a little amount of content, then it is likely that you will be rejected. Google pay attention to the amount of content, age of a website or a blog, page views and number of visitors. It is quite an impact on the ads that appear on your site because you are a publisher. How will the ad is clicked if the person who visited your site is very little. Unless you have a 6 month old blog, have a lot of visitors and there are a lot of content, Google can consider your submission.

Use blogger.com or YouTube

One easy way to get Google adsense account is to have its own domain and hosting. But if you use a free domain and hosting, then choose blogger.com. GA can not be installed on through wordpress.com blog. It is a rule (TOS) of the wordpress.com. Meanwhile, if you have a blog on blogger.com, then your chance to monetize the site will be quite large. If you like to create a unique and interesting video, uploaded to YouTube and get GA filings fairly easy. Condition, upload videos you should have a considerable number of viewers.

Unique content

Someone will be interested in visiting your blog when the content in it is very interesting. For that, write an interesting and unique article and refrain from plagiarism. Google parties are very concerned whether the content in a site has benefits for others or not. Although the actual theme you write is commonly discussed, but with a unique presentation, your blog is preferred by many people. Thus, the submission of Google adsense is quickly accepted.

The number of your content

Once you are able to create unique and interesting content, then diligently to update your content, at least 5 days. The amount of content is an important factor that Google Adsense your submission is accepted. Frequently updated blog will increase the chances accepted by Google when compared rarely updated blog. Perhaps, at least make 60 contents before you register your blog to GA.

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