Rabu, 21 Januari 2015

How The High PR Dofollow Commenting Pages List Work

There are two types of influential blogs closely in relation to SEO. They are nofollow and dofollow blogs. Both of these blogs have a fundamental difference. Blog nofollow preferably some people because they tend to judge commented that blog content has high quality. They not only give comments for finding backlinks as is the case on dofollow blogs. DoFollow Blog hunted because the bloggers find backlinks that can lead directly to their personal website. So, they can ride the post position on search engines. That is why, the high PR dofollow commenting pages list is often sought.

If you are a beginner blogger, you may often ask, how does the high PR dofollow commenting pages list work? What is the relation between a blog with high pagerank with low pagerank? Previously, we will discuss what it pagerank. In a new blog, you will not easily get pagerank provided by Google (often called Google PageRank). PageRank is a comparison tool to measure the importance of a web page in the internet world. A website (web or blog) will be seen how important content through pagerank.

You will get a pagerank for 4 times in one year. So he updated automatically for 3 months. One way to increase the pagerank is looking for relevant dofollow link, for example, visiting blog with high PR dofollow commenting pages list. Then update your site with interesting content to make Google believe your site. So that PageRank can be obtained. Now the bloggers facilitated through the site which lists websites with high pagerank. So you can freely leave comments there and plant backlinks.

The meaning of any number in pagerank

Have you ever wondered about the numbers listed on the PageRank? The rating that is given is in the range from 0 to 10. Each number has its own meaning. For a number of 0 to 2, indicating that the site does not have a lot of links and need to find as many backlinks as possible. Number 3 shows that the site has had a good status. But if used as a competitive business, the number 3 is not yet good enough for a business competition in the online world. You need to find high PR dofollow commenting pages list as much as possible.

When a site gets a pagerank 4, it means that the web has been considered normal. This indicates that the site has many links are quite good, in terms of quality and quantity. While pagerank 5, indicating that a site has a lot of links from important sites and Google have believed it as a respectable site. Surely this level is not easily reached by everyone. You need to work hard in getting the high PR dofollow commenting pages list and leave backlinks there.

Number 6 shows that the rank very difficult to achieve. This rating indicates that the site has many links from respectable and important sites. To pagerank 7 to 10 is associated with a site owned by large institutions that are recognized as the quality of links that go into it. This last stage is a special rank. However, there are many sites which provide information related to the high PR dofollow commenting pages list to be able to follow.