Rabu, 21 Januari 2015

Dummy Blog and Increasing SEO Quality

There is one simple way that can be done to improve the quality of SEO through a dummy blog. This is a blog created to support the main blog by way of linking the backline. You can use a free blogging platform providers like wordpress, blogspot and mywapblog. This blog is used to support the main blog through the backline to the main blog posts. In this way, the article on the main blog will increase its position in the SERP. You are not limited to have number of side blog. The most important thing you should do is take good care, which fill the content with quality articles that are relevant to your main blog.

When you write quality articles and in any content contained links to the main blog, you will get free backline. Many backlines mean better quality of the main blog. Although it takes extra time and effort to take care of dummy blog, but if this is your benefit, why not? You can still follow other blogs that have high page rank, so that you also increase your own blog pagerank.

By having a dummy blog, indirectly you are looking for attention to Google that would think that there are many websites that link to the main link to the blog post. For example, you write an article or post on the main blog about "Easy Ways to Make Money from Pay Click to Ads". While you have 8 dummy blog, you have to make a similar article about the "Easy Ways to Make Money from Pay Click to Ads" on your blog and link those eight backlinks that leads directly to the main blog. In fact, professional bloggers can have more than 10 blogs like this side.

The main work of the dummy blog is linking a link from one blog to another blog that ends on the main blog. There are some people who could not take care of all these additional blog. Nonetheless, this is still considered to be the easiest to improve the quality of SEO, especially off page SEO. But there are things you should consider in making a side like this blog. You have to make the content relevant to the main blog. Especially, when you have a good blog pagerank. Google only see relevant content of all blogs owned by each person.

Here is how to make the dummy blog to improve the quality of SEO on the main blog:

1. Write an article on the blog side and give the link to the main blog,
2. Put a link on the main blog sidebar dummy,
3. Write a same article (can copy and paste from the main blog or make other new relevant article),
4. Create a blog as much as possible but still relevant.

Having a lot of dummy blog will be very useful for a blogger. Since he will get a backlink and considered by search engines as a quality blog with lots of links on other blogs. It is not possible you can get a pagerank of your own blog, despite the odds. In addition, make your blog become so sought dofollow other bloggers who are looking for backlinks. Thus more and more people will visit your blog.